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A1 – Head Golf Professionals at PGA Recognized Golf Courses
A2 – Head Golf Professionals at PGA Recognized Golf Ranges
A3 – Exempt players on the PGA TOUR and other recognized Tours
A4 – Directors of Golf at PGA Recognized facilities
A5 – Past Presidents of the Association, regardless of their current occupation or profession
A6 – Golf instructors, supervisors of golf instructors or individuals who instruct PGA Professionals on How to Teach golf
A7 – Directors of Golf or Head Golf Professionals at facilities under construction
A8 – Assistant Golf Professionals at PGA Recognized Golf Facilities
A9 – Professional positions in management, development, ownership, operation and/or financing
A10 – Golf Clinicians
A11 – Employed by the Association, a Section or the PGA TOUR in an administrative capacity
A12 – Employed as golf coaches at accredited colleges, universities and junior colleges
A13 – Employed as General Managers/Directors of Club Operations
A14 – Director of Instruction at a PGA Recognized Golf School or PGA Recognized Facility
A15 – Primary employment is ownership or management of golf products or services
A16 – Primarily employed in the design of golf courses as architects or golf course builders
A17 – Primarily employed in the management of all activities in relation to maintenance, operation and management of a golf course.
A18 – Primarily employed in the reporting, editing, writing or publishing of golf-related publications in any form of media or in the broadcasting or commentating about golf events on network television, cable networks, the Internet or any other form of related media
A19 – Primarily employed in an executive, administrative or supervisory position with a golf industry manufacturer or golf industry distributor
A20 – Primarily employed by one or more golf manufacturing or distributing companies involved in the wholesale sales and distribution of golf merchandise or golf-related supplies to golf facilities, retail stores or any other golf outlets
A21 – Primarily employed in the coordination, planning and implementation of golf events for organizations, businesses, or associations
A22 – Primarily employed in the provision of services as a rules official for recognized golf associations, recognized golf tours or recognized golf events
A23 – Primarily employed in the business of club fitting or club repair
A24 – Primarily employed within the golf industry who are not eligible for another Active classification
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