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img_5903Iimg_6256n 2011, the South Florida PGA Foundation Board of Directors made a decision to support Habitat for Humanity as a national organization providing affordable housing to local families.  With the mission to support Habitat for Humanity, the board developed a goal to build a home through Habitat for Humanity in every county of the South Florida PGA Section.  This encompasses 15 counties plus Puerto Rico.  With the commitment comes a financial gift of $50,000 per home, along with volunteers to help build the home.  Once all 16 homes have been built the Foundation will have granted $800,000 to Habitat for Humanity throughout south Florida and more than 15,000 volunteer hours.

2017 Habitat for Humanity Project – Miami-Dade County

The South Florida PGA Foundation will kick off its sixth Habitat for Humanity home build in Miami on June 1st. Partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami, the South Florida PGA Foundation will help build a home for Kyrece Massie, a Public Service Aide for the City of Miami Police Department, and her two year old son Kirby.

Massie assists officers and the general public on a daily basis, making a difference in the community. She has worked with the Miami Police Department for the past four years. As a Miami native, Massie is thrilled to provide a new home for her son with a yard and his own room to grow up in.

As the presenting partner of this home, The South Florida PGA Foundation will donate $50,000 in addition to providing countless volunteer hours to help build the home for Kyrece and her son. PGA Professionals, friends and family will perform tasks including but not limited to; installing windows, hanging drywall and painting. Kyrece has already been working sweat equity hours on other family’s homes in preparation for completing her hours on her own home. The first volunteer day for local PGA Professionals will be June 1st. To get involved with this Habitat for Humanity home build, please contact Meredith Schuler at mschuler@pgahq.com.

Home Location: 2110 NW 68th Street / Miami, FL 33147

Get Involved:  All volunteer days will begin at 8 AM and go until 2:30 PM with lunch being provided to all those who help.  PGA Professionals can receive up to 8 MSR credits for assisting with the project.  Please note the volunteer schedule below.  If you are able or willing to assist please contact Meredith Schuler at mschuler@pgahq.com.  Prior to assisting onsite all volunteers must register to be a volunteer. In doing so you must create a username and password on the top right hand side of the “Sign In” area at www.miamihabitat.volunteerhub.com . When prompted use join code” PGA.  Please remember to finalize registration by selecting the day or days you plan to volunteer.  You will receive two  confirmation emails  with all of the details you will need for your volunteer day!  If anyone has any questions in regard to this project please contact the Section office at 561-729-0544.

June 1st – framing/windows/door bucks/wall furring strips/roofing
June 16th – framing walls/roofing
June 17th – blocking/fall walls/roofing
June 23rd – insulation/start drywall
June 28th – finish drywall/finish roofing
July 8th – interior paint
July 18th – exterior paint
July 22nd – flooring VCT
July 26th – baseboard/shelving
July 29th – Landscaping

To support this program along with the other Foundation activities click here.

2016 Habitat for Humanity Project – Martin County

Tandra Islam a single mother of two, Safqaat (6) and Tanjila (10), finally accomplished a lifelong dream of home ownership when she received the keys to her new home in Martin County on December 16th. She works for the Martin County School District and the Boys & Girls Club of Martin County. In April of 2010, Tandra applied to be a homeowner but was told she would have to work on her finances before she could proceed. Over the past 5 years, Tandra has worked hard and is now eligible to purchase her own home. She will be the first member of her family to be a homeowner. Tandra’s hope is for the new home to provide stability for her children and their education. “My main hope is to be a great Habitat for Humanity homeowner and I hope to build a better life for myself and for my kids,” Tandra said.

Upon ground breaking the South Florida PGA Foundation volunteered more than 250 hours to help build Tandra her new home.  Executive Director, Geoff Lofstead states, “our partnership with Habitat for Humanity has been wonderful in providing our members with an opportunity to fulfill their desire to give back to the community and creating camaraderie working aside one another to build homes that provide deserving families with opportunities to own their own home.”

2015 Habitat for Humanity Project – Collier County

In 2015 the South Florida PGA Foundation partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Collier County to compete its fourth home project. PGA-02-May-2015-6352The kick-off of this project took place S
aturday, May 2nd when eight volunteers raised the walls of the home.

In supporting Habitat for Humanity the South Florida PGA Foundation makes a commitment to help provide volunteers to assist with the build in addition to monetary support.  From May through July over 50 PGA Professionals volunteered countless hours to help build the home, and on July 13th the Arcas family were handed the keys to their very first home.

The Dohannys and Alina Arcas family who have purchased the home that Foundation has supported have IMG_6903little girls,  Michelle, age 4 and Nicole, age 2. Dohannys is the manager of the meat department of Wal-Mart where he has worked for six years. Before applying for the Habitat program, the Arcas family lived in an overpriced two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. Michelle and Nicole shared a bedroom. The living room area was big enough to fit two chairs.  One of the reasons the Arcas’ decided to apply for a Habitat home was to give their daughters stability. The constant rise of rent costs would cause the family to move on a yearly basis in an attempt to find something more affordable.  We are excited to watch the family grow in their new home and congratulation them on a huge accomplishment.

Each home build comes with a $50,000 donation to the Habitat affiliate along with countless individuals (PGA Professionals, friends and junior tour members) were onsite throughout the project volunteering their time, serving the community.

2014 Habitat for Humanity Project – Broward County

On December 13th the South Florida PGA Foundation dedicated their third home to Habitat for Humanity with this build taking place in east Ft. Lauderdale.  We encourage you to view images and clips from this inspiring ceremony by clicking on the video below.

2013 Habitat for Humanity Project – Palm Beach County

On October 26th the South Florida PGA Foundation dedicated their second home to Habitat for Humanity through another moving ceremony.  This time the Foundation donated $50,000 in support of a home build through the Palm Beach County Habitat affiliate.  The home is located in Jupiter in the Kennedy Estates II development.

This home was purchased by Seretaria Williams’ and her three young girls. Check out this short video from highlighting this project from start to finish!


“My experience with working on the Habitat for Humanity Home was not only a very rewarding one as it gave me the photo(4)opportunity to assist in a project that is very meaningful to a family, but it also gave me the opportunity to spend a day with some of my fellow PGA Professionals and Section Staff Members in an environment that was very laid back and not “a normal” golf driven environment (i.e.- tournament, membership meeting, etc.).  This time spent on the project allowed me time to visit, tell a few jokes and find out more about some of my peers on a more personal level all the while working towards a goal of helping a deserving family.  Other than spending a day on the course with family or friends, I can’t imagine a day that could be spent better!  I look forward to joining our Section’s efforts on this project more as the summer moves along and hope others find it as enjoyable as I did. “

2011 Habitat for Humanity Project – Lee County

Click here to watch the professionals in action!

SFPGA & Habitat for Humanity Partnership


In early February 2011, the Foundation Board of Directors agreed to donate $50,000 towards Habitat for Humanity of Lee County to sponsor a home in late 2011. For the past seven years the South Florida PGA Foundation has been working on smaller charitable campaigns. Under the direction of a new Foundation Board, the South Florida PGA Foundation has decided to strive for a major campaign with a national partner. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County was chosen as the first Habitat affiliate to partner with the South Florida PGA Foundation. “This is a very exciting relationship we have formed with Habitat, allowing the South Florida PGA Foundation to achieve one of its goals of giving back to each county in our Section. We are happy that the Lee County affiliate is the first affiliate, and we are looking forward to developing a solid relationship,” stated South Florida PGA Foundation President and PGA Professional, Tom Wildenhaus.

“South Florida PGA Professionals making a difference in the community.”



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