June 28-29, 2017 – Player Development

July 26-27, 2017 – Golf Operations

Further registration details coming soon!

The Certified Professional Program is an online, career-enhancing educational curriculum that supports the goals of PGA members who are committed to continuously improving their business and teaching skills to meet the increasing demands of the golf industry. This online approach ensures “on-demand” access when your schedule permits, while reducing time and travel costs associated with traditional classes.

The program offers four certifications:

  • General Management
  • Golf Operations
  • Teaching & Coaching
  • Player Development

Requirements of the Certified Professional Program include:

  • Select your career path.
  • Complete all assigned reading and course work. The courses to complete will be listed once a career path is selected.
  • Submit a paper that summarizes the impact and enhanced performance gained on the job as a result of your training and development.
  • Pass a test or complete a project that focuses around learning outcomes that support the certification of your choice.
  • All PGA members will be able to complete the 2.0 Certified Program, except for class F members. Class F members may purchase the CPP library and complete courses, but cannot become Certified until after transfer out of Class F.

Note: The project option is available only to professionals who have been a PGA member for eight or more years.

Once Certification is achieved, members are encouraged to continue their education in the Master Professional Program. This program is The PGA of America’s highest designation, and is comprised of an extensive project based on the specific certification previously acquired. PGA Professionals must have eight years of PGA membership to achieve PGA Master Professional status.