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Welcome to Golf 2.0: a long-range strategic plan to help promote the game of golf within the United States.  The goal of Golf 2.0 is to increase the number of golfers over the next decade from the current level of approximately 26 million to 40 million by 2020, while growing the relevance of golf in America.

Golf 2.0 will build toward this goal on three core strategies:

  • Retain and Strengthen the Golfing Core
  • Engage the “Lapsed”
  • Drive New Players

Underlying all of the initiatives of Golf 2.0 is a substantial training effort.  The PGA of America has revamped its member education curriculum so that it focuses on educating PGA Professionals on the three core strategies of Golf 2.0 and how to conduct their business in new and creative ways.  The education of the industry at large – employers, manufacturers and allied associations – must also be undertaken to ensure a collaborative approach to this “re-set” of the golf experience for future generations of customers.

Below you can find useful tips for Golf 2.0 and review success stories from other PGA members in South Florida.  Growing the game of golf will not only help ensure the future of the game we all love, but can help generate revenue for you and your facility by reaching a new market of consumers that have never played or lapsed from the game.  Hopefully you will find something that will speak to you and inspire you to help implement these growth of the game tactics at your own facilities.

Next Step Program
The National Player Development Committee wanted to make a next step program available to help those members who wanted an additional resource to compliment Get Golf Ready.  This curriculum is designed to provide a consistent format for PGA members and apprentices to use and to adapt to the specific needs of their clientele.  Learn more HERE.

Player Development – Operations Execution
Did you know, in a 2014 survey at the best facilities, of the 20 most influential tactics to generate incremental revenue, only 7 were implemented at more than 50% of the facilities.  Top 5 ranking to drive revenue:

1.  Execute Know Your Customer Service Interactions
2.  Invite the Local Media
3.  Provide Instructor Incentives
4.  Participate in the Community
5.  (a) Market Specifically to Women’s Groups
5.  (b) Conduct PGA Junior League and/or TEAM Golf programs

To learn more about all 20 activities please click HERE.

Get Involved – Community Action
Generating new clients is one of the biggest goals of the Golf 2.0 initiative and a goal of every PGA teaching professional in the nation.  Generating new golfers is as vital to keeping the industry alive as it is to keeping PGA professionals in business.  To get new clients, you need to start thinking outside of the box and go after a new demographic of clientele that may never otherwise find their way to your facility. To generate new customers, and potential new members, start getting involved in local community projects and functions. Offer free lessons as raffle items at local charity events, or put on a free, short clinic at your next church picnic. Invite one of your current clients to bring three friends who are new to the game in for a free lesson in exchange for a free session. To generate new membership, you need to generate interest in new areas. Sacrificing one free group lesson may in turn generate five new full time clients. Becoming a friendly face in the community can help to grow the game and grow your clientele.

Partner with Park and Recreation Departments to Grow your Business – Lee Stroever
In 2013, Lee Stroever of North Palm Beach Country Club had huge success reaching out to the town’s recreation department to market his summer Team Golf program.  In less than a week, Lee had 40 juniors that were interested in participating.  Whether you are a municipal or private facility, use your local recreation department to help market your programs (juniors, family, adults).  Most towns send out email blasts with local programming information, or can post information on their websites.  This is often a free resource to market your programs and reach those who you might not have reached otherwise.

Women & Golf:  Demo Days – Karl Bublitz
So many times there is that intimidation factor; you have ten guys in a row hitting a demo product and the women do not feel comfortable stepping in there.  Women only demo days counter act that.  Being able to set something up specifically for women really creates more enthusiasm for their female members. Having the ability to put the correct clubs in their hands, as well as provide a comfortable atmosphere for them to try the equipment, gives Grey Oaks the upper hand in their golf club buying decision and hopefully leads to future purchases in their golf shop.

Best Practices – Judy Alvarez – Create Revenue Through Engaging Female Golfers
Judy Alvarez has found a way to engage female golfers and increase revenue by almost $3,000 from her one-day “Women, Wine n Wedge” events.  For Judy’s event flyer click HERE.

  • Revenue:  $30 pp x 35 women = $1,050
    • Additional F&B revenue post event at bar, $250
    • Golf Shop Sales:  Six wedges sold @ $110.00 each, $660
    • 10 additional private lessons ($75 minus 10% discount = $67.50 x 10 women), $675

Using SNAG In Schools to Promote Transition Opportunities – Roger Van Dyke
Roger Van Dyke with the Indian River Golf Foundation has successfully incorporated SNAG equipment and a SNAG tournament into after school programs at local schools.  IRGF conducts programming once a week for five weeks, at two schools at a time.  After the five weeks, there is a 9-hole SNAG tournament.  Because of the high interest level and success rate, many of the kids that have been introduced to the game through IRGF and after school SNAG have transitioned into Team Golf with the South Florida PGA.

Combining Resources to Create a Successful Program – PGA National – Jane Broderick
PGA National has utilized Kwik Golf along with the PGA Sports Academy to develop in school golf programs at several local schools.  Kwik Golf allows golf to be portable and fun, and the Sports Academy Materials add the take away materials that the kids and educators love.  They offer a six week program, where the first five weeks are held at the schools, and for the sixth session, the kids and their families are invited to PGA National for a special event to showcase the facility and begin the transition to the course.  These programs are not only good for golf, they are good for the community and the facility.  If anyone would like additional information on what they are offering, Jane is happy to help.  For more information on Kwik Golf, click HERE, and PGA Sports Academy, click HERE.

Honor Veterans with Free Golf on Memorial Day
St. Andrews Country Club offers free golf to veterans and spouses on Memorial Day as a thank you for serving our country.  Click HERE for flyer.


For more information visit (user ID = golf2.0, password = growgolf) Get the Golf 2.0 Player Development playbook HERE. Get the Golf 2.0 Know Your Customer playbook HERE.
Know Your Customer Tactics Connecting With Her playbook HERE.
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