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Southeast Chapter SFPGA Tournament Policies


The tournament regulations of the PGA of America and the South East Chapter PGA Executive Board guide and govern the conduct of all members.  These regulations are recognized as part of the mandatory provisions of the government of the Association in the conduct of tournament activity.  United States Golf Association (USGA) Rules of Golf shall govern all play except as modified by Local Rules.


  1. All Professionals are responsible for knowing the USGA Rules of Golf.  It is advisable for them to carry a current Rule Book in their bag.
  2. All Professionals are held responsible for knowing their starting times in South East Chapter sponsored co-sponsored or sanctioned events.  Starting times will be available on the Chapter Section of the SFPGA website the day prior for Tee-Time events.
  3. Entries will close at 10:00am 2 days prior to the event unless otherwise stated on the official entry form or when a stipulated field is filled.
  4. No Professional entries will be accepted unless accompanied by payment in the full amount.
  5. Refund Policy: No refunds will be issued after the entry deadline, unless a previously paid alternate can fill the spot.  There are no exceptions to this rule.
  6. Withdraw, No Card, Did Not Show, Disqualified: A player will be considered to have withdrawn from an event any time s/he takes himself out of the event before or between a stipulated round(s).  Any player failing to notify a tournament official of his withdrawal  from an event prior to the start of the stipulated round will be considered a no show or DNS which will result in a $50 fine.  A player will be considered to have no carded or NC any time s/he starts a stipulated round and does not complete the round or he returns a card to the scoring table which is designated NC.  Failure to notify a tournament official of a NC prior to the conclusion of the stipulated round will result in a $50 fine.  Once a player has started a stipulated round, failure to complete that stipulated round without due cause (illness, injury or emergency) will result in a $50 fine. A fine of $100 will be issued for a second offense and any subsequent offense of the above within current tournament activity season. EXCEPTION: Player will be allowed to withdraw during a weather delay without cause while not being subject to fines, but not after play has resumed.  A player will be disqualified anytime he breaches a rule of golf where the penalty is disqualification.
  7. A player is responsible for all personal charges incurred at the host club.
  8. Rain Policy: The decision of the Tournament Committee will be final. The Committee Members present at an event will make the decisions representative of the Committee. The Tournament Coordinator is considered to be a member of the committee. Under no circumstance will an event, Match Play excepted, run longer than the scheduled days of the event. If an event is scheduled as a single day event, it will not run into a second day. All golf played in single day events that are cancelled due to weather will be considered null and void. Cancelled Events will be refunded at the rate of entry minus the fixed costs of the event. (Carts, Gratuity, Food, Tournament Staff) The Tournament Committee may decide if during a 2 day event, play from round 1 be completed on day 2 prior to round 2. 36 hole event results will stand if all players in the field can complete at least 18 holes. Lack of Light to finish or unplayable course conditions will be used as determining factors in calling an event and not the threat of rain or poor conditions. In a Match Play event, the individual competitors will be responsible for determining whether a match can be completed. In the event of an incomplete match in the Four Ball, players may, with permission from the host course return to complete at an agreed time, or if unable to complete at the same hole and venue, begin the match over at a new time and venue. Incomplete holes should be considered halved.
  9. Female Tees: Female tees will be set up specifically for Female Professionals in all South Florida Section PGA events where Female Professionals have entered.  The length of the course shall be approximately 85% of the course length for Male competitors.  Females participating from the female’s tees shall not be eligible to earn playing privileges in the PGA Championship, the PGA Cup and tournament co-sponsored or approved by the PGA TOUR, the Champions Tour or the Nationwide Tour. Prior to starting, a female must declare which tees she will be playing from.
  10. Players must post a full event score in order to receive any winnings.  (I.e. Players who make a cut may not voluntarily WD and still receive last place money.)
  11. Participants are not allowed to discuss or approach field staff regarding slow play warnings or penalties.  All inquiries must be made through the tournament committee.
  12. In consideration of sponsor needs and requirements, some Chapter events require mandatory participation in order to maintain tournament proper eligibility.
  13. Players Card: The Players Card will apply to all Chapter Events. Players without a Player’s Card may pay a $50.00 Per Event Fee before participating.
  14. Purse Break Down: As a standard rule of thumb, the Chapter purse should be paid out to 40% of the field per the standard purse breakdown formula.  The bonus pool payout will be based on paying 40% of those entered in the bonus pool competition up to a maximum of 20 spots.  Skins not awarded during any Chapter event will be put into a “Bonus Pool” for those individuals entered into the skins and will be distributed using the current SECSFPGA payout policy (40% up to a maximum of 20 spots) based on playing performance for that particular round.  Exception:  If skins are not awarded during round one of any multi day event, the skin monies for that round will roll over into the next round.


To be eligible to compete in South East Chapter SFPGA sponsored, co-sponsored, or sanctioned events, a professional must be a member or registered apprentice in good standing (active classification) with the South Florida Section PGA, primarily employed under Section and National guidelines within the SE Chapter boundaries (Life Members excluded), and have paid all applicable fees.  EXCEPTION:  Members (not apprentices) who have been actively employed under Section guidelines for full-time employment within the South Florida Section who resign or lose their jobs will be entitled to a playing privilege grace period.  This grace period is offered to those members who have been employed for the immediate six months preceding their resignation or termination.  If such member becomes unemployed, the grace period shall be for 12 months from the date of termination.  The member must remain in an active classification during this period to keep tournament eligibility.  Members will automatically lose eligibility for the grace period if they participate in (2) two or more SFPGA Recognized Tour and/or mini-tour events while not meeting Section Employment Eligibility Guidelines.  SFPGA Apprentices that become unemployed and subsequently play in two (2) or more recognized tour events will lose their eligibility for the remainder of the tournament season.

South Florida PGA members and apprentices will be subject to the same (10) ten tournament rule currently being utilized for PGA of America member championships which states: Must not have played in more than ten (10) combined Adams Golf Pro Tour Series, Australia/New Zealand Tour, Canadian Tour, Champions Tour, Dakotas Tour, European Seniors Tour, Futures Tour, Gateway Tour, Heartland Players Seniors Tour, Hooters Tours (Professional Series, Winter Series and Carolina Series), JLPGA, JPGA Senior Tour, JPGA Tour, LPGA, LPGT, Nationwide Tour, PGA Challenge Tour, PGA European Tour, PGA Tour, Tarheel Tour (eGolf Tour), The Asian Tour, The Safari Tour, The Sunshine Tour, and/or WPTG. The U. S. Open, U. S. Senior Open, PGA Championship, and Senior PGA Championship are not included in the 10-tournament count.

A-3 members have no playing privileges unless meeting the following criteria:

  • Accumulation of the minimum 36 hours of experience credits necessary for election to PGA membership.
  • Employed full-time under National and Section guidelines at a PGA recognized facility in a capacity that would make them eligible for Head Professional (A-1 / A-2) or Director of Golf (A-4) status.  Such employment shall have been continuous for the preceding 6-month period.
  • A-3 members eligible for PGA of America grace periods will automatically lost Section eligibility once these individuals’ grace period expires or fails to gain A-1 / A-2 or A-4 status within two (2) years from the date they become Section eligible.
  • A-3 members losing or resigning from these jobs will not be eligible for the Section’s playing privilege grace period.

Members of the Association will be given priority status over all registered apprentices for up to 14 days prior to an entry deadline.  Beyond that and up to an entry deadline, entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  These eligibility guidelines do not affect Open events, i.e. PGA Tour Open Qualifiers, South Florida Seniors’ Open and Florida State Seniors Open.

CONDUCT (Discipline, Penalties and Appeals)

Each PGA of America Member or Apprentice Participant (“Participant”) in a Section golf tournament acknowledges the right and authority of the Section to (i) fine and suspend from tournament play; and/or to (ii) fine and permanently bar the Participant from Section tournaments. Any Participant in a Section event hereby releases the PGA of America Section, the PGA of America, the PGA Tournament Corporation, Inc., rules officials, each director, officer, member, employee, agent or representative of any of the foregoing jointly and severally, individually and in their official capacity, of and from any and all claims, demands, damages and causes of action whatsoever, in law or equity, arising out of or in connection with any such decision or action by the Section, PGA of America or any appellate body.

Fines are due and payable within thirty (30) days unless the Participant has made a written appeal. Should the appeal be denied, the fine will be due and payable within thirty (30) days of such denia of appeal; and the Participant will be ineligible to participate in any Section tournament and any other PGA of America tournaments and the tournaments of any other PGA Section until said fine is paid in full.

A. Advance Notification of Proposed Disciplinary Action

Except for penalties under the Rules of Golf and for “Minor Penalties” (as hereafter defined), any Participant subject to disciplinary action or penalty defined as a “Major Penalty” shall first be notified of such proposed action in writing. Such notice may be presented to the Participant by a tournament official. Within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the notice, the Participant shall submit to the Section Tournament Director or the Section Executive Director such facts or evidence of mitigating circumstances as may apply. Within thirty (30) days of receipt of such information from the Participant, the Section Tournament Director or the Section Executive Director shall notify the Participant in writing of the imposition of the proposed disciplinary action or penalty, or that the proposed action has been dismissed.  After the imposition of any penalty hereunder, the Participant shall have the right to appeal to the Section Board of Inquiry as set forth in Section E herein.

B. Rules of Golf

Any Participant in a Section tournament who breaches the Rules of Golf of the United States Golf Association or Local Rules in effect for the conduct of such event shall be subject to the penalties provided in such Rules as well as any other penalties imposed by the Section consistent with this policy. The decision of the Section Rules Officials and/or the Section Tournament Committee with respect to such Rules breach shall be final and conclusive.

C. Conduct Unbecoming a Professional

Any Participant deemed guilty of conduct unbecoming a professional while participating in a Section tournament or in activities related thereto (e.g. practice rounds, hospitality events, etc.) shall be subject to fine, suspension and/or permanent disbarment from Section tournament play as provided in this policy. A fine of $100 shall be levied for the first offense.  A fine of $150 shall be levied for the second offense, and a prohibition from participating in Section events for one year shall be levied for the third offense. Any Participant that is found guilty of more than three offenses for conduct unbecoming a professional charge may, at the sole discretion of the Section, be permanently prohibited from participating in all Section and PGA of America tournaments and also may be subject to PGA of America Code of Ethics charges. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Section reserves the right to pursue Code of Ethics charges against any PGA Member/Apprentice for conduct charges related to the conduct of any Participant at Section golf tournaments and related events at the sole discretion of the Section in compliance with the procedures for Code of Ethics hearings as set forth in this Article II of the Bylaws.

D. Classes of Penalties for Section Tournament Offenses


A Minor Penalty is a fine of not more than $150 and/or suspension from tournament play for two or less tournaments. A Minor Penalty may be imposed by the Section tournament officials responsible for the conduct of the tournament.


A Major Penalty is a fine in excess of $150, suspension from tournament play for more than three tournaments, and/or permanent disbarment from Section tournament play.

E. Appeals


Appeals from Minor Penalties shall be to the Tournament Committee Chairperson (or his/her designee).  Such appeal may be in writing or oral. Such appeal shall be received by the Tournament Committee Chair no later than thirty (30) days subsequent to the infraction. The Tournament Committee Chair shall render the decision on appeal in writing within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the appeal and submit a final report to the Section Executive Director. The Section Executive Director shall submit this final report to the Association General Counsel.  Such decision shall be final. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that the Section determines that it would prefer that a Minor Penalty shall be submitted to the Board of Control for a hearing in lieu of action by the Section, then the Section Board of Inquiry will follow the same procedures set forth herein for all matters submitted to the Board of Control for Code of Ethics procedures.


Within thirty days from the date of notification of a Major Penalty, the Participant may submit a written appeal to the Section Board of Inquiry. Failure to file such an appeal shall be deemed conclusively to be an admission of the charges specified in the notification.

Thereafter, the Section Board of Inquiry will prepare a report of the matter to the Board of Control and the matter will be set for a hearing before the Board of Control in accordance with all applicable procedures set forth herein for ethics appeals heard by the Board of Control. The Board of Control shall hear the appeal either at the next regularly scheduled Board of Control hearing or at an expedited meeting that may be held in person or via conference call at the discretion of the Chair of the Board of Control. The decision of the Board of Control shall be final. An appeal shall operate to stay the effective date of any penalty, except suspension from a Section tournament then in progress or scheduled for the calendar week in which the alleged violation occurred, until after a final decision on the appeal.

All fines must be paid within thirty (30) days from the imposition of the fine, or in the event of an appeal, within (30) days from the decision rendered by the Board of Control in the event the Board of Control upholds the findings of the Tournament Committee Chair.


Tee Times / Shotgun Event Start: The SECSFPGA will designate prior to each event the conditions of starting for the competition.  This information will appear on the event entry form and at the SFPGA website under the SE Chapter Tab.  Either a tee time or shotgun start may be utilized.

Non-metal Spike Policy: It is a requirement for Professionals to wear non-metal spikes at all Chapter events regardless of the host site policies.

Grooves, condition of competition: The SECSFPGA will not adopt the grooves condition of competition for SE Chapter events.

Practice Rounds: An official practice round shall be defined as any round of golf played at a facility hosting a Chapter  event 30 days prior to the scheduled event. This will apply to all golf professionals that will be playing in the event whether or not they have registered for the event at the time of the practice round. If a participant of this event is a staff member at the host facility, then the official practice round will be the day before the scheduled event for those staff members. This applies if the round of golf was complimentary or paid.

Dress Code – Tournaments & Practice Rounds: The following dress code will be enforced at all South East Chapter PGA sanctioned events including Open competitions and designated practice rounds.  PGA affiliates shall present a neat appearance in both clothing and personal grooming.  Clothing worn by a player preceding, during and post round shall be consistent with currently accepted facility attire.  Pants must be worn by males at all SE Chapter events except those (**Professional only) events between June 1st and August 31st when shorts may be worn with the following stipulations:

  1. The host facility/professional must approve the wearing of shorts.
  2. Shorts will be a Bermuda style with solid traditional colors (no cargo, board, tennis or denim) at a length no shorter than slightly above the knee.
  3. **Shorts may be worn at Professional only events except the Chapter Championship and Professionals may wear shorts at the Palm Beach Open Championship.

Female contestants may wear slacks, culottes, walking shorts or golf skirts, which constitute acceptable clothing worn by women in connection with participation in professional golf tournaments. Preceding and post round; tee-shirts, flip flops/sandals and jeans are unacceptable. Dress code is subject to change as per host facility restrictions.  The Tournament Director shall interpret this regulation, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in a $50.00 fine.

Caddies: Pending prior approval from the host facility, caddies are permitted.

If a player chooses to utilize a caddie, the player and caddie must adhere to the following:

  1. The caddie may only ride in the cart if there is an open seat available.
  2. If the player is sharing a cart with a fellow competitor, the player and their caddie may not ride in the cart simultaneously. (Exception: For the purpose of getting to or from their starting/finishing hole with prior approval from host facility).
  3. The player’s golf bag must remain on the golf cart at all times.
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